October 26th, 2012

Simple equation right?  Not always...  Sometimes we list a property and then when we call the next day to book a showing our Clients are surprised.  Sometimes people don’t expect showings to happen right away (even if we tell them they can) and they are caught off guard.  You never know when the first showing might come so you have to mentally prepare yourself and be ready when that call come ...

4 Reno Tips From Future Buyers

October 5th, 2012

Often when I am showing homes the current (or previous) owner has done some sort of renovation.  Sometimes they are great and add a lot of value and other times my Buyers will say things like "I wish they hadn't done that"  or “It would have been better if they had left it alone”.

As a Seller you don’t want people to say that about your house because if it doesn’t turn them off completely it ...