Buying a home should be an overall positive experience.  We use the word overall because the honest truth is that there will be tough moments.  Buying a home is like finding a life partner and we are your matchmakers!  

Here's what we will do for you:

  1. Get to know what you are looking for (wants, needs and deal breakers).  Just like dating you have to identify what is important to you.  Ideally we'd like to meet up with you at your current home to understand what you are looking for.  You can show us what you like or don't like and any special pieces of furniture that will need to fit in the new space.  
  2. Get you preped.  Maybe before hiting the dating sceen you get a new haircut or new outfit and that makes you feel ready to go.  When it comes to real estate we get ready by getting the right people on your team.  One of key people you need on your team is a Mortgage Specialst/Broker.
  3. Get those first dates under your belt.  Once we know what you want and are ready to shop we will start looking at homes.  There is no magic number of homes you have to see just like there is no magic number of people you have to date.  You go with your gut and we'll be there as an objective advisor to make sure you stay on track with your original wants, needs and deal breakers.  We will also bring to your attention any other condiserations there may be with a specific property.
  4. If you like it then we'll put a ring on it!  Once we find "the one" we will research the market value and then put together an offer strategy.  The offer stage is like pre-marital counselling, the purpose is to make sure you know what you are getting into.  We want you to feel confident with your purchase - no cold feet here!
  5. Get you to the church on time.  We will make sure all of the t's are crossed and i's dotted so that your possession day will go well.

Just like dating there will be some properties that are duds but there will also be really fun moments of anticipation and excitment.  As your Real Estate Agents we are your sounding board, trusted advisor, devil's advovate and friend.

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