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Food #inairdrie - Main Street Beer and BBQ

Blog by Matt Carre | November 4th, 2016

Restaurant:  Main Street Beer and BBQ 

Location:      #304, 505 Main St S. Airdrie

Ok, ok…so when we filmed the FB Live Video, believe it or not that was not my first time in Main Street Beer and BBQ. Nor was it my second. Since my wife owns a weight loss clinic I will not cop to how many times I have actually been there. However, I am going to review a few different things here and that might give you an idea of how many visits I have made... That being said, I am not going to review everything I have eaten to date…just to keep Michelle guessing. 

Tipsy Texan - Now I am not normally a huge fan of Pulled Pork. Yes, I spent an entire day smoking one and did multiple FB Live videos while doing it but that was because I was asked to do it for Shanna Leavitt’s home reveal so I was very happy to do it. Besides I just love using my Green Egg and cooking food. All this being said, I love the Tipsy Texan. The pork is as good as it gets but adding the jalapeño and cheddar sausage just kicks it up a notch. It’s really tender, great flavor and a killer sandwich.

Brisket & Sausage.JPG

The Hot Link
- This is their own sausage specially made for them. The first time I ordered it…I think it’s like 6 bucks…I was expecting something the size of a hot dog. Wrong!!! It’s huge and has incredible flavor. Definitely add it to the platter.

Brisket - Brisket is my favorite but has to have the proper amount of fat to it. In my opinion their’s does. It’s tender, it’s smoked perfectly and reminds me of my days of living in Louisiana where BBQ is king. I loved it just on the platter and I loved it in a sandwich. Fantastic!

Wings - Generally I like my wings battered and deep fried and I still do. But these wings give the deep fried ones a run for their money. And Wednesday is wing night and only $5 a pound. Can’t beat that.


Corn Bread with Honey Butter
- That is right I said Honey Butter. Although the corn bread is great let’s face it..it’s simply just a vehicle for the Honey Butter. Enough said.

Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cobb - While in concept this sounds unreal, the issue is when you try to bite through the bacon and get to the corn you end up pulling the bacon right off. Then you are left with a piece of corn and a piece of bacon. No big deal, you just pick up the bacon, take a bite, then pick up the corn and take a bite... Come on, who cares? It’s corn and bacon, life is great!!!

BBQ Sauces - They have 3. The House Barbecue, the Spicy Vinegar and my personal favorite their Espresso flavored. Espresso you say?? I was thinking the same thing but it really works. All this being said, good BBQ does not need sauce and while all of these are great, the food does not need them. Just add if you wish.

Main Street Beer and BBQ has tons of T.V.s to watch the game, food and drink specials everyday, line dancing on Thursday nights, a fantastic beer and whisky selection and a fun atmosphere. 

So much more to talk about but if I continue my wife won’t let me out of the house again. Especially after 10pm when all the meat is 1/2 price. That’s right…HALF PRICE!!!! They have to get rid of what they don’t use so that they can start smoking again. God love this place. And the best news of all ... it’s #inairdrie!

~ Matt ~