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Curb Appeal

Blog by Matt Carre | November 21st, 2011

When you are selling your home it’s very important to make it approachable.  You have to treat it like any other “good” for sale on the market.  Kim Kardashian doesn’t sell perfume with a picture of her in sweatpants – she’s all sultry and makes it look good.  I’m not suggesting you plaster a huge poster of yourself looking sultry to entice buyers but there are obvious things you can do, such as maintaining your lawn and planting flowers, but what else can you do and how do you make a home approachable during the bleak winter months?

Let’s tackle the winter first since it is upon us.  Believe it or not there are several colourful varieties of plants and bushes out there that can grow during the winter months.  You may not want to spend the time digging up your flower beds to replace them with winter plants but you could invest in a large pot and plant something in it and place it next to your front door.  Another option would be to put a grouping of long branches in a tall vessel.  Although it may not add a lot of colour, it will add interest and texture.  A wreath on the door doesn’t have to be saved for Christmas either, if it’s made of evergreens with a few berries or pine cones that can work all winter long – just avoid the wreath with a big dancing Santa.  It’s also important to shovel the snow in the winter.  No one wants to feel like they have to hike through the Rockies to get to your front door.  In the summer flowers are the obvious choice but it’s just as important to make sure your lawn in maintained.

Regardless of the season I have three must do items:
1. Turn on the lights.  It’s is very challenging to get the key out of the lock box and into the door if we can’t see.  
2. Make sure your house numbers are visible.  
3. Clear out clutter.  Whether it’s toys, dead plants or unused items, clear it out.  Visual clutter can make buyers feel overwhelmed or like they would have a lot of work to do if they bought your home and you don’t want to create that kind of feeling before they even get in the door.